It is vital that the behaviour of your dog is in possession of the basic social skills to make it a cherished and acceptable member of the family.

At Burghley Veterinary Centre we have all the behaviour needs of your new dogs covered, from puppy to senior citizen!

We run free puppy parties on a Wednesday evening to familiarise your new puppy with both other people & puppies as well as becoming comfortable at the surgery by coming in to the surgery to play rather than have a procedure carried out on them. Thus hopefully making all your next visits less stressful for you and you dog.

If your dog does have any undesirable personality traits or problems that need addressing we are all to aware how difficult and confusing it can be searching through the internet for advice on canine behaviour, it has taken us as a surgery a number of years to develop a relationship with a dog behaviourist that we have 100% faith in their methods. We are delighted to work closely with Beverly Hassler PG(Dip)CABC, BSc(Hons), Dip CABT. Beverly runs puppy socialisation classes in the reception area of our Stamford branch on Saturdays, these classes are in 6 week blocks, please contact our reception team to book into one of these courses.