Deciding whether or not to have your pet neutered can be difficult for many owners. The decision should always be based on individual circumstances. We aim to give owners information so that they are well equipped to make the decision which is right for them.

Both male and female cats tend to become sexually mature and capable of breeding at around six months of age.

If you do not want your cat to breed you should try to reach a decision about how to prevent this by the time your pet reaches this age. The options available to prevent your cat breeding are: neutering which surgically removes the ovaries or testes, keeping your cat as an indoor pet and denying access to potential mates or the use of drugs to prevent oestrus in the female. However, it must be remembered that female cats come into oestrus (call) for days at a time, every three weeks during spring, summer and autumn and male cats have a very distinctive pungent smell which can be difficult to ignore!

The most reliable method of preventing your cat from breeding is to have him or her surgically neutered. This is known as castration for males and spaying for females. The surgery is irreversible and permanent so you should be absolutely sure that this is the right thing for your pet before you go ahead. If you have a pet cat and you are absolutely sure that you do not wish your cat to have kittens then neutering is the best option.