Senior Cat Care

Top Tips

Regular veterinary care –We recommend 6 monthly check ups for senior cats so that problems can be picked up and addressed as early as possible. It can be  tempting to miss the check ups but remember that vaccinations, worming and flea treatments remain important during your cat’s senior years. In fact, as the immune system may not be what it used to be, these preventative measures are vital to keep your older cat in good health. In addition, as cats are very good at hiding signs of disease, keeping in touch with your vet is important to spot problems early, when they can be easy to treat. Geriatric cats should be weighed regularly, have their blood pressure checked regularly, and if indicated have blood and urine analysed for certain diseases.

Healthy teeth and gums – routine dental care from your vet is very important, since older cats are more prone to painful dental disease. In addition to regular visits to a professional, it’s always a good idea for you to check your cat’s teeth and gums regularly at home for any redness, swelling or discomfort.